Dashed AI & Dux-Soup - Hyper Automating LinkedIn Prospecting

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Dashed & Dux-soup – Hyper automating LinkedIn Prospecting.

Dashed AI was designed to complement and hyper automate your LinkedIn automation campaigns with Dux-soup.

Dux-soup takes care of viewing profiles, sending invites & message follow-ups to prospects, but that’s it. Their dashboards reporting on your campaigns are nearly non-existent.

That’s why we built dashed.ai.

We let Dux-soup do what they do best then we take over.

Through our chrome extension we can track your linkedIn inboxes and automatically pull the replies and categorise them through our AI. This means that you can get notified when someone’s interested, keep your CRM up to date, create & update deals and more.

It also means we can quantify your prospecting success to an actionable level. Have a look at our blog on the 18 KPIs we track.

Due to the pandemic, LinkedIn has become a successful channel to generate B2B leads and Dashed AI helps you integrate & track the channel as if it was a paid social one. Helping you determine clearly; how scalable it is and the impact it is making on your business.

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