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Dashed AI was designed to track the key performances indicators of prospecting on LinkedIn. We can take this a step further due to our AI allowing us to provide you with intent based KPIs.

Here is the list of KPIs we track:

1. Number of Invitations

2. Number of connections

3. Number of Replies

4. Number of sales navigator messages sent

5. Number of sales navigator replies

6. Number of interested leads (based on the replies)

7. Number of Leads interested in Finding out more (more information request)

8. Number of leads interested but have a question

9. Number of leads interested in having a meeting (meeting setup)

10. Number of leads not interested

11. Number of leads who have forwarded your messages to someone in their team

12. Number of leads who want to be contacted in the future (Not now’s)

13. Conversion of invitations to connections (connection %)

14. Conversion of connections to replies (replies %)

15. Conversion of replies to interested replies (interested %)

16. Cost per meeting booked

17. Meeting booked to closed deal percentage (your meeting close rate)

18. Pipeline growth (how many deals your adding to your pipeline based on your average contract value and meeting close rate)

We also have a DASHED SCORE which ranks all your metrics based on an algorithm to give you a score out of 100.

We rank your team mates/colleagues based on the number of meetings booked or the pipeline growth. (more ranking variables coming in later releases)

All the metrics will be compared to the previous month with a % change so you can A/B test different sequences, messaging on which performed better in terms of interest not connection rate etc.

You can also create a master dashboard which sums your entire teams KPIs and gives you a live look at your entire companies LinkedIn activity and success.

Finally of course, all the leads can be pushed with their intent category to your CRM to keep it up to date and organised. Read more here.

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