How To Help Us Whilst We Are In BETA Mode

roman rose

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1. We launched in BETA to have as many users as possible in our space use and test dashed to ensure our product does what it is meant to do. Softwares were described to me as the following:

A ***** of Bugs. 

P.S that will be me and Gianluigi trying to get rid of them!  

2. We need to train our AI model with as many replies as possible to ensure its accuracy is 100% ( we are well over 90%, but we are striving for 100% as we get out of BETA). How to recategorise replies!

3. We want to hear about features you want! Feel free to reach out and send your ideas in the chat. If we end up deploying your feature, we will give you a BIG discount!

We are looking forward to tracking & integrating your sales on LinkedIn and Email.

The Dashed Team!

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