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Outreach.io is one of the most common sales enablement tools out there. They are fantastic at helping sales teams hit their targets through their automated cadences.

However, when it comes to LinkedIn, they are really lacking in terms of functionalities and reporting. Through manual tasks, users can set LinkedIn connection tasks. However, beyond that, it is up to the rep to keep track of who connects, who to follow-up with etc. 

In our BETA we have some fantastic features which will help you keep track & quantify the value of LinkedIn has as a sales channel to your business. We offer 18 intent based KPIs on the conversations you are having in your inbox. You can read about them here.

Dashed AI is also releasing a specifically tailored feature for outreach.io users to keep track of who connects and thus who to follow-up with. So you don't have to manually do it. Never missing a lead.

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